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For more than 20 years, Eva has worked as a litigator in criminal defense and juvenile law. With broad experience as a courtroom advocate and negotiator, she now applies those skills in family law matters, such as divorce and child custody.

As a public defender in New York, Massachusetts and Vermont, Eva has been dedicated to fighting for the rights of those facing heavy-handed prosecutions and to uphold due process for the accused. She has been lead counsel in several jury trials involving serious criminal offenses. Eva won not guilty verdicts in six out of eight jury trials. Another case was dismissed by the judge before the jury had a chance to deliberate. Although she is always prepared to take a case to trial, Eva’s goal is to resolve cases at the early stages, whenever possible, and to avoid a long, drawn-out process for her client. She has won favorable results by motion with the court and by negotiation with the State. In Massachusetts, Eva won a critical pretrial motion to suppress evidence for a client under indictment for armed robbery, allowing the client to avoid a mandatory life sentence. This ruling also resulted in an important and frequently cited decision by Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts (Commonwealth v. Fortunato, 466 Mass. 500 (2013) that supported Eva’s client’s position and benefited future individuals who face arrest and police interrogation.

In her free time, Eva will be digging in her garden, walking her dogs, raising her chickens and/or painting with acrylics and water colors. In college, she majored in metal and clay sculpture and sociology. Eva grew up in New England and has lived in Middlebury, Vermont since 2014. She is still getting used to the soil that is called “clay” and the season called “Mud” but she wouldn’t choose to call any other place home.

  • 1997, New York
  • 2015, Vermont
  • 2005, Massachusetts
  • Golden Gate University-San Francisco, Class of 1997, J.D.
  • Bard College, Class of 1991, B.A.
  • City University of New York School of Law, Visiting Student